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At the young age of 14 years old, I was run over by a car. I shattered my L1 and L2 vertebrae and was forced to relearn how to walk. During my time in the hospital, I was able to see my family every day thanks to an organization named The Beacon House. 


The Beacon House provided a place for my family to stay indefinitely until my departure from the hospital. The doctor that had performed my back surgery had told me that if I were to relearn how to walk, I'd never be able to ride a unicycle again. It would simply be too dangerous for me to continue pursuing that hobby. I took this as a challenge. After a year and a half recovery, 6 years of mental growth, graduation, and becoming an Eagle Scout, I went on to ride a unicycle 2400 miles across the United States and raised over $30,000 for The Beacon House organization.


Since that life changing venture, I’ve backpacked and hitchhiked 800 miles through the west coast, canoed the entire Mississippi River from the headwaters of Lake Itasca, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana. I sold my canoe in New Orleans and purchased a bicycle, which brings me to now where I am hundreds of miles into a trek attempting to reach the Florida Keys.


"I'd rather die standing, than live on my knees" - Emiliano Zapata

If you'd like a way to help the cause, I've listed the website for The Beacon House below, along with my PayPal incase you'd care to contribute towards future adventures. Thank you for reading and have a great day!



This is my personal fund for those who'd like to help me specifically along my travels. Money sent to me goes towards food, travel expenses and helps keep the documentation running for months to come.


I am traveling across vast landscapes to raise awareness of an organization who housed my family while I was fighting for my life 7 years ago. They continue to help thousands of people every month, part of my mission in life has become giving back to them.

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