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When I was 14 I was run over by a car in a leaf pile, I broke 14 bones including my back forcing me to relearn how to walk and have titanium rods in my body to this day. Thanks to the support of The Beacon House, they gave my family a place to stay near the hospital where I was fighting for my life.

After relearning how to walk and being told I'd never be able to unicycle again, I grew up to become an Eagle Scout in 2019, and unicycle across America giving back to The Beacon House at 19 years old.

I've also decided to challenge my diet with veganism before I began my adventure. I began on June 28th and completed the 2400 mile expedition on October 5th. I'm currently planning the next part of this adventure, stay tuned!

Challenge yourself, it's beautiful on the other side.


the TRIps

Why donate towards the trips you ask? 

Because funds help supply with me with more durable equipment, and help me continue spreading the word and raising awareness.


I am traveling across vast landscapes to raise awareness of an organization who housed my family while I was fighting for my life 6 years ago. They continue to help thousands of people every month, part of my mission in life has become giving back to them. Let's make a difference!